Pam Addie - Client since October 2010


I have tried several types of exercise programs over the years but invariably stopped for one reason or another. However, Pilates I wouldn't be without, as Helen has taught me so much and I enjoy the classes and the company tremendously.


Helen was the first to diagnose my rotator cuff problem and encouraged me to go to my Physiotherapist. Scans revealed a bony spur on my shoulder joint which was tearing the rotator cuff. I was advised to have surgery, but opted instead to continue Pilates with Helen. Without Helen's ongoing advice and personalised exercises and strength training to address the injury, I would now have a frozen shoulder. I now have almost full range of movement in my effected shoulder and am pain free, and have not had surgery. 


Pilates has helped me to understand my body, how it works, its strengths and weaknesses which have been taken for granted and ignored all these years. Helen's personal approach, enthusiasm and passion for Pilates and its benefits are her driving force. I intend to continue Pilates the rest of my life and thank Helen for increasing my quality of life.



Victoria Ding - Client since October 2010


A few years ago, I tried some pilates mat classes at my gym and didn't find them beneficial as I was extremely sore after each session. As a result, I was convinced that pilates was not for me....that is until I met Helen.


Helen's professionalism and extensive knowledge about pilates and the human anatomy has given me a new perception of this exercise. Pilates with Helen has not only given me back my waist and toned limbs, more importantly, it has strengthened my core muscles in areas I didn't even know existed.


I am so relieved that after so many years of suffering at the gym, I have finally found the most suitable exercise for me and I firmly believe that we should all do it. Pilates relates to all basic movements in the human body and has helped me manage my previous injuries by strengthening muscles to support my body.


Just try it, you won't look back!



David Buckingham - Client since 2011


My wife commenced Pilates with Helen in early 2011 and encouraged me to do the same.


In my wife’s case, Helen not only won her confidence very quickly but also provided sensitive and effective treatment as my wife completed a recovery phase from breast cancer.  My wife’s situation was exacerbated more than 18 months ago when she tore ligaments, tendons and bones in her feet resulting in surgery.  Difficult as the process was, Helen’s remedial support proved to be absolutely critical to a slow but very effective recovery process.


In my own case, a combination of overweight, lack of exercise and work/lifestyle have resulted in my system generally tightening up and becoming significantly less mobile.


Helen’s understanding of the interrelationship between fitness, general health and physical conditioning has worked wonders for both my wife and I.  Importantly, Helen has understood where problems reside and has devised effective strategies to produce very satisfactory outcomes.


I would strongly recommend anyone needing Pilates exercise and support to turn to Helen for assistance.


Quite apart from her professional skill and understanding, Helen’s manner is both reassuring and supportive.



Helen Forster - Client since June 2012


I have been doing Pilates classes at Precision Pilates Parkdale for the last 18 months and in the last 6 months have increased from 2 to 3 classes per week. I just love how strong and centred I feel since doing the classes and after trying many types of exercise classes over the years, wish that I had discovered this type of exercise years ago.   


When I first started I was suffering from injuries in both my knees and shoulders. With the help of Helen and the girls at Precision Pilates, I have been able to strengthen these and find ways to work around my injuries whilst still getting a whole body workout.


I am totally addicted to Pilates and love the warm and friendly studio environment, almost like my second home now!






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